“After being shot and bayoneted eleven times, do you think I’m going to let a few double-talking politicians and some cover-your-ass officers stop me from telling the truth?”
—Tony Herbert

He was a Supersoldier, the Army’s poster boy for the best of the best, named the most decorated soldier of the Korean War. This son of a coal miner from Herminie, PA rose through the ranks to become one of the best combat commanders in Vietnam.

When Lieutenant Colonel Anthony B. Herbert refused to cover up war crimes he rattled the cages of the West Point Protective Association; the Army; the Pentagon; and the Nixon White House and they set out to destroy him.

We need more Tony Herbert’s in our world today—leaders who have the backbone to fight for the soul of America, refusing to surrender to bribes and buyouts in order to do “the right thing.”

If you want to see what really makes America the land of the free and the home of the brave, read Herbert’s War. It will show you the way most of us should be — want to be — and can be!

A gripping story of devious behavior at the highest levels of our government, and also includes incidents of attempted murder, bribery, and suicide. Learn why Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes joined the White House, the Pentagon and the Army to help silence one lone war hero from telling the truth.