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“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible” is one of Ron Kaiser’s favorite phrases and the other is “Illegitimi Non Carborundum.” The first is self-explanatory and the other is worth looking up.

Although he built a reputation as a creative marketer, winning numerous national awards in the advertising industry including the highest, the coveted CLIO, it was writing that he enjoyed the most.

He always wanted to write a novel but he procrastinated until he saw the handwriting on his tombstone.

“When death gets closer it has a way of getting your attention,” he said.

Ron admits, writing wasn’t his first love.

“When I snuck out of high school I had no idea what I wanted to do but thanks to some mis-guided politicians whose chest-thumping machoism thrust us into another war, I enlisted. I do believe in serving my country, even when my country doesn’t serve me well.”

Ziya Burus, Ron Kaiser, & Anthony Herbert, Nov. 1951

Ron Kaiser (middle) with Ziya Burus (left) and Anthony Herbert (right), 1951

After the service he worked in the steel mills, dug ditches, sold Bibles door-to-door, was a Gandy Dancer on the railroad, and hauled beer (drank some, too) but when he saw an old man who was still sweeping the floor after forty years, in the steel mill, Ron begged his way into Pitt.

At Pitt he took writing courses, including one in Public Relations and that hop-scotched him into a temporary job at the Pittsburgh Red Cross. From there he took a leap into advertising, which he knew nothing about, and the next thing he knew he was one of the infamous Mad Men of TV fame.

He worked for a few advertising agencies, opened his own, and let his creativity fly, but he never liked being a boss, so after thirty plus years he decided to move on and finally write that book.

But when famed New York literary agent Gerry McCauley warned him that “Publishers like to get three or four books out of a writer, and at your age they’re not going to be anxious to invest in you,” that stopped Ron.

He didn’t write a book.

Instead, he wrote four, and his first release, Herbert’s War, is an excellent read that’s making waves.

Ron Kaiser

Ron Kaiser

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